Road Breakdown Service

Twenty-four hour road-side breakdown service is available to the members, free of charges, within a radius of 48 kilometers from the Kolkata Headquarters, and within 16 kilometers from the Branch Offices at Durgapur and Patna.

Petrol Pump Service
The Association runs for its members a popular and highest selling petrol pump situated within the premises of the Headquarters daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. lubricating oil, other petroleum products are also available.

Despatch of Cars
Arrangements for despatch of cars by road undertaken.

Towing Service
A towing service is available in Kolkata to the members for their cars.

Insurance Rebate
All individual members are entitled to an official rebate of 5% on car insurance premium, subject to a maximum of Rs. 200/-. AAEI has obtained Corporate Agency from National Company Limited. The said Insurance Company has opened the Counter at the premises of AAEI for the convenience of the members. The Policies are issued immediately on payment of premium by the said Insurance Company. The claims are also settled early. Members are requested to avail this service.

Other Service
The Association provides free assistance to the members for renewal of tax tokens, driving licences, transfer of ownership and also renders legal assistance in traffic cases of accident, alleged violation of MV rules etc.

Club Service
The Association runs Bar & Restaurant services, Air Conditioned Card room, Banquet room, A.C Family Room etc. providing quality food and drinks to its members at most competitive prices.

Hotel Rebates
Special rebates from approved hotels on room rent tariff are allowed to members within the country and abroad.

Tourist Service
The Association issues tour itinerary, Road maps and other allied information on road journeys to prospective tourists and travellers. On Production of valid Membership Card members will also be entitled to get discount at various aspects while visiting America, Europe, Canada, Japan and Korea.

Pollution under Control
The Association undertakes smoke emission tests and is authorized to issue certificates in this respect.

Car Park Attendants Service
The Association deploys Car Park Attendants at strategically important places around the city of Kolkata and also provides such Attendants to control and manage parking of cars at public and private parties and ceremonies on special requisition thereof including piloting duty by motor cycles.

Drivers Service
The Association introduces casual car drivers from its own panel as and when requisition by Members & Member Organistion.

Driving Tuition Service
Driving Training Tuitions are arranged for the members and for the members of their families either in their own cars or in the car provided by the Association and driving tests conducted for issue of New Driving Licenses.

International Driving Permit and Certificate of Registration
International Driving Permits and Certificates of Registration, valid in specified countries of the world, are issued to the members.

Customs Carnets
The Association issues carnets to the members to enable them to motor abroad in other countries without payment of customs duty. (This system has worked very smoothly and the Association wishes to develop the international section of its Touring Department.

The Association publishes a magazine - the 'Autoeast' -for distribution to the members.

Reciprocal Privileges
Foreign : The scope of reciprocal facilities has been widened so that members of sister Association within the Commonwealth countries receive free membership benefits for six months.
Indian : Members of sister Association in India receive all benefits while temporarily in the area of the Association. On transfer, they are admitted as members without having to pay an entrance fee. Life members, however, receive free service for a period of one year and thereafter they are required to join as ordinary members, exempted from paying the entrance fee.
While visiting the operational areas of the other members of the A.A.E.I. and other Association abroad, the members enjoy the same facilities as are available to their regular members.
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