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Blued was launched in 2012 by BlueCity Holdings Hong Kong Limited. With its enticing marketing campaigns across the digital network, it has gained over 40 million users worldwide, making it one of the most popular gay social networking apps today. The app is available in 10 different languages and is highly popular in asian countries. However, it also has good share of user base from the United States.

Member Structure

3,200,000 from USA
Members activity
8,000 daily logins
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • 40 million users worldwide
  • 100% male user base
  • Most users are young professionals within the age range of 20-35

Majority of Blued’s user base—making up almost 70% of their whole user base—comes from Asian countries. Most users are young professionals in their late teens to early 30s. Since Blued is a social dating app that is highly publicized to be for gay men, 100% of its members are males. And these males, more often than not, are looking for something casual than a serious relationship.

Signing Up

Blued Signup
  • Quick & easy sign-up process
  • Users are not required to provide an email address
  • You can get a verified icon on your profile photo
  • Verification is done via face authentication

Registering in Blued is fairly quick and easy. You just need to nominate a username and password and enter a captcha to prove that you are not a robot. There is no need to provide an email address or your mobile number unlike similar mobile dating apps. After a successful sign-up, you will be redirected to a page that will ask you for your basic profile information such as nickname, date of birth, height and weight and ethnicity. The app will ask you to upload a photo thereafter, which you can skip if you choose to upload a photo later.

 Once the whole process of registration is done, you will be taken to a suggestion page of gay guys you might like. This is the initial contact you can perform in the app. You can opt to follow some of the suggested profiles so that you would already have contacts in your contact list even before you get to explore what the app offers.

Making Contact

Blued Inbox
  • Private photos can be shared for specific people
  • Groups can be joined for free
  • Private chat and private live available
  • Nearby function for matching
  • Free chat available
  • QR code scanning available
  • Sync with Instagram

Compared to other dating apps, Blued has a different approach on how they match their users. Firstly, there is no ‘like’ function, rather, users follow other users if they wish to see their post updates. Another way of contacting is through joining public and private video live streams. If you are giving the live stream, you can invite your contacts for a private screening. If they did not join during the duration of your live stream, they would still see the invitation in their respective inboxes, but would not be able to replay it. Same as if you are on the receiving end of a private live stream invitation.

There is also a nearby function that shows you users who are near your current location—that is if your GPS is turned on. As well as an explore feature where you can see popular live streams and threads.

Profile Quality

Blued Profile
  • Profile does not feature much information
  • The profile features a full size of your profile photo

    All profiles in Blued feature the very basic information initially provided in the registration process. When you check out a profile, the user’s profile photo takes up the whole screen. Scrolling down would show you the user’s information. This might be because Blued is a social dating app that leans toward matching users for casual dating—the appearance is more important than details that refer to the user’s personality and character as that could be uncovered during the interaction and conversation between the users anyway. Right below the profile are the photos and status posts that the user publishes.

    Real Life Review

    A few days after I created an account with Blued, my inbox was blowing up with notifications of private live invites! Signing up in this mobile app was solely the idea of my best friend who wanted me to “live a little”. Coming from a recent break up with a partner whom I thought was the one, I was broken and needed a distraction. And indeed I got it from Blued. At first I was reluctant to join the private live of users I didn’t know, all the more meet up with nearby users! But as my friend said, I needed to live a little so I shrugged all apprehensions and went for it. I enjoyed my time in private live and even held my own stream. I also met up with a few guys and had a great time with them. Overall, I got the experience I was looking for in Blued!

    Design and Usability

    Blued is only available as a mobile app. It presents a clean and straightforward design that highly uses its main brand colors of blue and white. There is a collapsible menu that has every tab you need in order to use the app properly. You can top up right on the mobile app to buy beans, and you are also able to see how much social wealth points you still need to proceed to a higher social level. You can also easily sign out within the app.

     All the features of the app are highly accessible as they are situated on the bottom part of the app’s dashboard. The message icon also has a speech bubble notification indicating the number of your unread messages. Blued makes exploring what the app has to offer effortless for every user—even those who are new to the dating app.


    Blued Costs and Prices

    Free Services
    • Account registration
    • Overall use of the mobile app
    • Nearby users search
    • Contact adding
    • Joining of groups
    • Live video streaming
    • Sending messages
    • Private live chat
    • Sending and viewing of private photo albums
    Fee based Services
    • Posting flying comments on public and private video live stream
    • Sending of virtual gifts
    Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
    42 Credits0.02 $ / Credit0.99 $
    125 Credits0.02 $ / Credit2.99 $
    420 Credits0.02 $ / Credit8.99 $
    550 Credits0.02 $ / Credit12.99 $
    686 Credits0.02 $ / Credit14.99 $
    1,106 Credits0.02 $ / Credit23.99 $
    1,386 Credits0.02 $ / Credit29.99 $
    1,695 Credits0.02 $ / Credit39.99 $
    2,540 Credits0.02 $ / Credit59.99 $
    4,116 Credits0.02 $ / Credit89.99 $

    Is Blued expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Blued is inexpensive.

    Payment Options
    • Via Mobile Phone
    Payment discretion
    • Beans topped up in Android phone will not be valid anymore when you switch to iOS.

    Blued works in the currency of ‘beans’. Beans are used to post flying comments to another user’s public or private video live stream. Another thing that beans are used for which is buying and sending virtual gifts to other users. The act of giving and receiving virtual gifts add to your Blued profile’s ‘social wealth’. For every 100 beans your spend in public and private live chats, you earn 1 wealth point.

    As you level up your social wealth, you will get certain privileges that would make you stand out from the rest. You will have a special icon that changes in color for every 10 levels you achieve. This could make your flying comments have a rainbow bubble which could attract other users and would definitely make your comment stand out. You can also earn free flying comments every month once you reach level 12 and above. The number of monthly free flying comments depends on your level. For levels 12-15, you get 10 free flying comments every month. For levels 16-19, 20 flying comments. For 20-23, 30 flying comments are free on a monthly basis. Levels 24-25 get 40 free every month. And lastly, levels 26-30 get a monthly allowance of 50 flying comments.

    Special Features

    Besides the highly advocated features of Blued, they also have a feature where you can view the users who viewed and visited your profile.

    Our rating

    Signing Up:4.0 / 5
    Making Contact:5.0 / 5
    Profile Quality:2.0 / 5
    Real Life Review:5.0 / 5

    Editors Conclusion

    Chris Pleines
    Overall, Blued’s mobile app provides a promising platform for gay men looking for a relationship or a casual encounter. Blued’s flagship feature—their video live stream—which are possible for all users to use and share with their chosen privacy settings, is a great way to showcase yourself and also get to know other users. This makes interaction through the dating app highly active. Also the cost of using all the app’s features is free. You would only need to spend a fairly minimal amount to increase your social wealth, which only really gives you the benefit of having a social icon and is not so important. With all that Blued has to offer to its 40 million users, it can be considered as one of the top gay social dating app worldwide. If you wish to know where it stands compared to other mobile dating apps, you can check out our other reviews in our Casual Dating category.



    How do I create an account with Blued?

    After you download the app to your mobile phone, signing up is done by nominating a username and password. No email or mobile verification needed!

    Does Blued offer premium membership?

    No, Blued is free to use.

    Can I delete my Blued account?

    Yes. On the settings, there is a ‘Delete My Account’ button. Deleted accounts are permanently gone after 7 days. If you change your mind, you can reactivate it when you log back in.

    Can I deactivate my Blued account?

    In Blued, deactivating your account is the same as account deletion. You have 7 days to retrieve your deleted account.

    I no longer want my Blued app. How do I delete it?

    You can uninstall the app from your phone.


    How can I add photos to my Blued profile?

    You can easily upload photos on the Stream tab of the app.

    What is Blued live?

    Blued live is the flagship feature of Blued. It is a video live stream where you can invite other users to watch.

    What are Blued beans for?

    Blued beans are used to buy flying comments and virtual gifts that you can give to other users.

    What is Social Wealth?

    Social wealth is your social status in Blued. You will get exclusive icons and perks as your social wealth level goes up.

    How do I increase my Social Wealth?

    Spending 100 beans in public and private live increases you social wealth by 1 point.

    How do I buy Beans?

    Buying beans is done by topping up on your account’s dashboard. Payment is done through your mobile number carrier.


    Someone is being offensive. Can I block the user?

    Yes, there is an option to block users from Blued. You can block up to 50 users.

    What security features foes Blued offer?

    Blued has a very detailed privacy policy and terms & conditions statement that are strictly followed.

    Does Blued do background checks for its users?

    No, Blued does not do background checks for its users.

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