Dating Apps Reviews

Members 10,000,000
Gender proportion

45 %
55 %
  • Quick, easy and fun to swipe through profiles
  • Chat functionality now has quirky GIFs to add to the conversation
  • Lots of special features
  • Millions of members
  • Different pricing for different age groups

Members 500,000
Gender proportion

45 %
55 %
  • Relaunched in Oct 16 with profiles with better content
  • Targeted to those seeking long-term relationships
  • Users must pay monthly after initial free trial
  • Users appear to be mostly 20-39

Members 10,000,000
Gender proportion

60 %
40 %
  • Free of cost
  • Available on mobile
  • For late teens and young adults
  • Not recommended for people looking for real relationships
  • For people looking for casual dating and hookups

What is a Social Dating App?

Social dating sites are sites designed for people who want to date from anywhere, including on the go. Many sites count this as a key speciality that they can help you find someone near to your location based on your smartphone's geo-location capabilities.

Most apps integrate with social media platforms making it really quick and easy to sign up, log in and create a profile. Some will also use your social media profile to find suitable matches and show you mutual friends.

Why Choose a Social Dating App?

Social dating apps are great if you are the type that uses social media a lot as you will get the most benefit out of the interaction between the app and your social media profile. These sites vary in the type of dating that users are seeking from the app. Some apps are quite well known to lead to more casual dating or less serious dating, but others are suitable for singles that are looking for a longer term relationship.

Wih most apps you can usually get started quickly and you can search for and contact members immediately rather than wait for match suggestions.

How Does a Dating App Differ from Dating Sites?

Dating Apps are usually only available on mobile devices. Most of them do not have a website at all. They are designed to take advantage of the capabilities of a smartphone by integrating with Social Media apps like Facebook and Instagram.

What are the Benefits of a Social Dating App?

  • Apps can be used anywhere you like from your smartphone
  • You can search and browse other member's profiles based on specific criteria important to you
  • Most apps have great messaging or chat functionality that is often just like txting
  • Many apps allow you to search for somone near to you using geo-location services