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Happn Review February 2019

Happn is an online dating app released in February 2014 by Paris natives Didier Rappaport, Fabien Cohen and and Antony Cohen. The mobile app has a huge focus on proximity, showing only matches from people they've encountered or passed by in real life. Although apps like Tinder have always given you the option to find matches that are kilometers away from you, Happn takes it a step further with a 250-mile radius.

Sign-up Process

Happn Signup
  • Registration is done by linking your Facebook account
  • It only takes a minute to finish the registration process
  • Users can upload up to 9 pictures
  • Basic information will be uploaded straight from your FB account

The registration process is very quick and easy. This is good news for people with Facebook account, as you only need to link it to Happn to create an account. The app imports all important information from your Facebook profile so you don't need to fill out a registration form. Currently, there is no other way to create a Happn account, which may turn off users who don't want to expose their Facebook accounts.

Contacting Members

Happn Match Search
  • The app doesn't have a free search function
  • You can only get match suggestions based on which users were inside the 250 mile radius while the app is active
  • You will continue getting match results until the app runs out
  • Only matches that fit your preferences will be shown
  • Both members must like each other before they can start conversing

Because the idea of showing only matches that were in close proximity to where you are can turn into a privacy nightmare quickly, Happn implemented a reciprocity function, meaning you can't freely message any user you see on the match results page. You can send them a "Hi!" to notify them that you're interested in them, and if they like you back, they can reciprocate with a "Hi!" of their own to create a "Crush". Overall, two members can only start conversing if the interest is mutual.

Sending a "Hi!" costs 1 coin and all new accounts are gifted 10 coins for free. Once those coins run out, you need to purchase more, which means that technically, the chat function isn't free.

Profile Information

Happn Profile
  • Happn imports the necessary information from a user's Facebook profile
  • All information included in your profile is public
  • Users can give more information about themselves through the biography text box
  • You can also link your Instagram account on Happn
  • Information on other members is pretty limited

In terms of profile information, the app doesn't give out a lot. The app only takes the most basic information from your FB profile, such as your age, name, profile picture and gender. Fields that you can add and edit inside the app itself include: occupation, education and biography. You can change the contents of your biography anytime you want. To change other pieces of information on the app, you need to change them on Facebook first.

Special Features

Because the app's concept may pose problems with privacy and safety, they have special features that not only increase their users' security, but enjoyment of the app as well.

Happn Crush Time

Voice Messages

Aside from the app's text chat function, users can send and receive voice messages. Allowing someone to hear your voice helps a lot in gaining their trust.

Send Spotify Songs

If you don't know how to express yourself through words, you can do so through songs. The app allows users to send their favorite tracks or playlists to other users via the Spotify service.

See You There

Aside from finding users who you've encountered in real life in the past, you can also find more matches through future activities. Through the app, you can give a shoutout to other users of what you'll be doing in the next six hours, whether it's watching a movie or hanging out at a local cafe, and other members can reply if they want to join you.


CrushTime is an in-app game where you can score an instant crush if you make correct guesses. Happn shows you 4 member profiles from users who you've crossed paths with recently. One of those member profiles like you and you have to guess who it is. If you guess correctly, then it's an instant Crush and you can instantly send messages to that user.

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
Happn Essential Subscription
1 Month20.00 $ / Month20.00 $
3 Months16.00 $ / Month48.00 $
6 Months12.00 $ / Month72.00 $
Happn Credits
10 Coins0.30 $ / Coin2.99 $
60 Coins0.25 $ / Coin14.99 $
100 Coins0.23 $ / Coin22.99 $
250 Coins0.16 $ / Coin39.99 $
pricing screenshot
Free Services
  • Account creation
  • Match searching
  • CrushTime game (limited tries)
Fee based Services
  • Contacting other users
  • Ad-free experience
  • See users who liked your profile
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Via Mobile Phone

Happn has an in-app currency called Happn Credits. 1 credit is used up each time you use the "Say Hi" function. You can also use credits for more tries in CrushTime.

On the other hand, Happn Essential is a premium membership subscription. With this, users get the following unique perks:

  • Get notified when another person "likes" you
  • 10 Free "Send Hi!"s daily
  • Play CrushTime twice as many times
  • Remove Ads



The app seems like an answered prayer for people who've seen someone interesting on the bus, in the train or at a restaurant, but were too shy to say hello. However, don't get your hopes up because chances are, you still won't find them here on this app. Happn works wonderfully in heavily populated areas, but if you're from the suburbs, you'll be lucky if you get a couple of matches. All in all, the concept is wonderful, but it is hindered by the app's low user numbers. The app is still young and hopefully it will gain more members in the years to come - only then will its concept become more viable.

If you can't find matches because of Happn's proximity limits, check out our Dating Apps under the radar category for other options.



Who owns Happn?

Happen was founded by Didier Rappaport, Fabien Cohen and and Antony Cohen.

Can you tell me how to download Happn app?

You can download the Happn app through Google Play and the Apple Store.

Can minors register to Happn?

You must be at least 18 years old to use the app's services.

When was Happn created?

Happn was born in January 2014 in Paris, France.


Will Happn show up on Facebook?

No, Happn only imports certain information from your Facebook profile, but will never post to your timeline without your permission.

Can I join Happn without Facebook?

Currently, the only way to sign-in to Happn is through your Facebook account.

Why is Happn not working?

If you're not getting any matches, it doesn't necessarily mean that something's wrong with the app. If you live in the suburbs, there may not be any matches available to you.

Do you still get matches when you logout of Happn?

Happn still runs in the background even if you're not using the app. As long as your phone's location services and GPS are active, it will record matches for users who you've encountered with throughout your day.

Is there another way to connect to other members aside from the Happn say hi feature?

Aside from the "Say Hi" feature, the only way to reach out to other members is to successfully pick the correct user on CrushTime. If you choose the user who likes you from a pool of 4 Happn members, you can immediately start messaging them without using up Happn credits.


How much is Happn app?

Happn is free to download and install; however, you will need credits to reach out to other users, and credits cost $2.99 per 10 pieces.

What are Happn credits?

This is Happn's in-app currency. You can use Happn credits to say Hi to other members, or to get more lives in CrushTime.


Can you delete Happn?

You cannot delete your account manually; instead, you have to contact Happn's customer service team to do it for you. Go to the Contact Us tab and request for account deletion. The team will process this and you will be informed via email once the deletion has been completed successfully.

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