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Grindr Review March 2019

Launched in 2009, Grindr is the very first gay location-based dating app in the world. It utilizes the mobile device's geolocation to display gay singles nearby, arranging them on a grid from nearest to farthest. Grindr is used by its mostly-male user base to chat, make friends, meet up, or hook up.

Since its inception, it has become one of the largest social networking apps for gay, bi, trans, and queer people in 192 countries.

UPDATE: It has been revealed that Grindr has been sharing its members' private information (notably the HIV status) to third-party companies Apptimize and Localytics "to improve the dating app". Grindr's chief technology officer Scott Chen stated that this was "standard industry practice", but it isn't clear why a member's HIV status is needed by online analytics companies. Since the information sent included email addresses (and GPS data, phone ID, and so many more), any user could be identified even if their profile didn't include their real name or face. Grindr has been receving backlash since sharing a person's HIV status without express permission is a violation of privacy and could further stigmatize those who are HIV positive. Grindr has announced that it would stop sharing sensitive information to third-party companies, effective on the app's next update.

Signing up

Grindr Registration
  • Registration is free
  • Photo can be approved in a matter of seconds
  • Setting up new account details is quick
  • Can log-in via Facebook
  • No email verification process

The app is free for download on the App Store and Google Play. From there, setting up your account can take less than a minute. Your display photo has to be approved by their Moderation team but email verification is not required. Which means its really easy to make a fake profile.

Profile Information

Grindr Male Profile 1
Grindr Male Profile 2
  • Only one photo allowed at a time
  • Most fields are not mandatory
  • Details can be edited anytime
  • Can link other social media accounts
  • You can see members' distance from your current location

The accounts you'll find will only have one photo at a time, and many of them won't even be of faces. Since the fields during registration are not mandatory, many users will just have a few bits of information about them available, and some only have a short sentence. A number of people will have only emojis in their name, and others won't have a display name at all.

Contacting Members

Grindr Inbox
Grindr Chat
  • Very active members
  • Users tend to send photos before chatting you up
  • With a subscription, it enables you to see if your message is already read
  • You can send a photo as well as your location
  • Sending and receiving message is free

As long as you enable your photo to appear in the Explore section, you will get plenty of chats in a matter of minutes. Users who have no display photos tend to send photos of themselves first thing to declare their authenticity, which is a good thing. The not-so-good thing is that some of those photos will certainly be dick pics, so practice caution when browsing in public.

Special Features

This dating app has a few special features that make for a unique browsing experience that's both fun and distinctively Grindr.

Grindr Gaymojis
Grindr Taps


Gaymojis are customized, LGBTQ-themed emojis that are a fun way of speaking your own language with your own community. There are currently over 500 Gaymojis and they're not available on any other social media app.


Seen as the flame icon, taps are a great way of showing someone you're interested without having to start a conversation. If you catch their attention, they might start the conversation themselves.


Favorites are a way to bookmark new profiles that you find interesting and message them later. Unlike taps, users won't know that you've favorited them.

Member Structure

Grindr Whos Nearby
  • 3.3 million daily active users
  • Average user spends 54 minutes on the app
  • Up to a million users are logged in to Grindr at any given moment
  • Dedicated for gay men all over the world
  • 25% of the users are form the US

Grindr has more than 7 million users worldwide and USA is its top growth country. With New York alone having more than 420,000 users, you won't run out of accounts to swipe through. Grindr boasts the highest engagement out of every dating app available because users log in to the app 18 times daily and use it for an hour.

App Design

Grindr App
  • Design is straightforward
  • More focused on people than features of the app
  • Can be downloaded without a charge
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Available for both Andoid and iOS users

Once you open the app, your entire screen will be filled with singles near your location. Free users will encounter a few pop-up ads during browsing and a persistent banner ad at the bottom of the screen. Only the primary messaging functions can be easily accessed, which means that Grindr doesn't believe in beating around the bush and immediately gets down to business.

Real Life Review

"The app is one of the best for quick meet-ups. Sometimes when I'm at a bar alone, I just use the app because there's always singles online wherever I am. More often than not, I've gotten dates through Grindr in a matter of minutes. But I'm slowly starting to get annoyed by format. I receive about 10 new messages everyday and there's no way to filter them. Sometimes I lose the person I'm actually interested in talking to among all these guys who just want me to send nudes." - Architect (31)

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
Grindr Xtra
1 Month14.99 USD / Month14.99 USD
3 Months10.00 USD / Month29.99 USD
6 Months8.50 USD / Month50.99 USD
12 Months6.50 USD / Month77.99 USD
Grindr Costs
Free Services
  • Profile creation
  • View up to 100 matches
  • Send and receive messages
  • Select 1 tribe
  • Basic Filters
  • Explore profiles
  • Create group chat
Fee based Services
  • Ad-free experience
  • Push notifications
  • View up to 600 matches
  • Online-only view
  • Select 3 tribes
  • Unlimited Blocks and Favorites
  • Save and send chat phrases
Payment Options
  • Via Mobile Phone

The premium subscription is called Grindr Xtra. There is a one-week free trial available, but it is automatically renewed. You have to cancel your subscription on the last day of your subscription period.


Grindr epitomizes the quick-swiping, quick-chatting, and quick-meeting model that most dating apps follow today. If you're a gay man intent on finding a serious relationship, this is not the app for you. While it does have those options, we suggest you don't waste your time as Grindr is mainly used for hook-ups. You can check our Matchmaking service category for gay dating sites like Elite Singles, which is used in looking for love and a partner.



Who owns Grindr?

Grindr is owned by Nearby Buddy Finder, LLC but as of January 2018, it has been fully acquired Beijin Kunlun Tech, a Chinese gaming company.

When did Grindr come out?

Grindr was released in 2009.

Where is the Grindr headquarters?

They are based in West Hollywood, California.

Are Tinder and Grindr the same company?

No. The company that created Grindr in 2009 was Nearby Buddy Finder, LLC while Tinder was created by Hatch Labs in 2012.

Where is Grindr illegal?

The app is either partially or completely blocked in countries like Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. It has also been used to track and arrest gay men by police officers in Egypt.

In which countries does Grindr work?

Grindr is currently available in 192 countries including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Qatar, Finland, and many more.


How can I contact Grindr?

If your concern hasn't been addressed in their help center, you may submit a support request in the same page. Alternately, you can contact them through [email protected]


What are Grindr bots?

Bots have been found and reported by a number of people. The bots lure users into clicking a fake webcam site link, which installs a virus in the user's device. One way to spot a bot is that they usually list their height as less than 3 feet. Conversations with them will rarely make sense as their responses are automated.

What are Grindr tribes?

Grindr tribes are categories that help you identify yourself and categorize your matches. They include: Bear, Clean-cut, Daddy, Discreet, Geek, Jock, Leather, Otter, Poz (HIV positive), Rugged, Trans, and Twink.

How are Grindr photos reviewed?

Photos are reviewed by the Grindr Moderation team and must meet their guidelines like: no form of pornography, mention of firearms, weapons, and drugs, copyrighted photos, and photos of somebody else.

How long does Grindr take to approve a photo?

Depending on how many people around the world are signing up at the same time as you, photo reviewing can last from 20 to 45 minutes.

How can I delete my photo?

If you want to delete your current display photo and revert to the default icon, you have to submit an appeal to Grindr's request page. If you just want to switch it to a different photo, you can do it right within the mobile app.

How can I see my distance to someone?

Under their username, you will see how many meters away the other user is from you.

How do I know if someone blocked me?

If someone blocked you their profile will completely disappear from your view. To check if they really blocked you or just deleted their profile, you can create and use a different account. If he shows up in your location, then he blocked you.

How do I unblock someone on Grindr?

You can reset the list of people you've blocked but you can't unblock individual accounts. Click on your "Profile". Under "Settings", click "Unblock All" then confirm your decision.

Can I use Grindr on a laptop?

Grindr isn't officially available on laptops/PC, but you can still install it using hacks. Word of advice though, Grindr was primarily made to be experienced on a mobile gadget.


Can Grindr track you?

Grindr collects your location through GPS, Wi-Fi, and/or cellular technology in your device so yes, it can track you.

Can Grindr be anonymous?

You can be anonymous on Grindr by uploading a faceless photo and only putting a little bit of information about yourself.

Will Grindr show up on Facebook?

Although users have the option to link their social media accounts to Grindr, it is not required. If you want to stay private, you won't have to worry because Grindr doesn't collect your Facebook information.


How do I delete my account?

Under "Settings", click "Privacy", then click "Delete profile". If you delete your account, it cannot be reactivated and all of your information will be lost forever.

Why did Grindr ban me?

Grindr bans accounts that violate their profile guidelines which include but are not limited to: no form of pornography, mention of firearms, weapons, and drugs, copyrighted photos, and photos of somebody else.

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