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PlanetRomeo Review February 2019

PlanetRomeo is a gay dating site for gay guys. It was launched last October of the year 2002. It was created by Jens Schmidt and Manuel Abraham, and was originally only available in Germany. It is where people, specifically from the gay community, look for friends, hookups, or serious dates.

The PlanetRomeo online dating platform has a mobile app version, which is available in 6 different languages, namely English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Portugues, and Español. This connects numerous gay guys across different languages. The app is also available to both Android and iOS users and can be downloaded for free.

The members of the PlanetRomeo online dating community are called Romeos. They are not only able to enjoy and have fun joining the site, but they are also able to learn a lot about gay life through PlanetRomeo's blogs.

Through this gay dating site, people from the gay community can find friends, dates, or a serious and meaningful love life.

Sign Up Process

Planet Romeo Signup
  • Log-in with Facebook
  • Identity - gay, trans, or bi
  • Captcha verification
  • Pre-registration information required
  • Contacting restrictions until email is verified

Signing up for an account on the PlanetRomeo online dating site is uncomplicated. To join PlanetRomeo, you must have a valid email address. However, account registration may take more than 10 minutes because it involves answering several pre-registration questions, such as your birthday, location (can be set manually), identity, relationship status, body hair, language, and more. The most interesting question to be answered is whether you are there to look for friends, relationship, or just plain sex.

Once you have already verified the email address that you provided, you can already get started on searching for other Romeos (the term used for PlanetRomeo members) and contact them.

Profile Information

PlanetRomeo Profile
  • Detailed and informative
  • Displays sexual orientation
  • Shows preferred sexual position
  • Confusing arrangement
  • Some profiles are incomplete

Most of the profiles in PlanetRomeo are detailed and informative. Some of the data that can be seen in a member's profile are his gender preference, what he is looking for, the preferred age range of his matches, some physical information (tattoos, piercings, etc.), some private sexual information (fetish and preferred position), and general information, such as the language that he speaks, his occupation and religion, and his different interests.

On the other hand, for some users, the arrangement of profile information may be confusing for the reason that some details are not categorized and properly sectioned. In addition to that, some profiles lack information. This is because it is up to the profile owner as to how detailed he wants his profile to be.

Contacting Members

PlanetRomeo Contacting
  • Has a chat function
  • You can save interesting profiles in to your contact list
  • Can leave a sticker-like response to their profiles
  • Attach photos to messages
  • Can visit profiles without being noticed

There are several ways in which you can contact other members in the PlanetRomeo online dating site. The best thing about being a member of this gay dating community is that messaging is free. Yes, you can send and receive messages without a paid subscription.

In addition to that, if you come across some members whom you find interesting, you can save them as your contacts, so that it would be easier and more convenient for you to contact them later. Another cool way of conveying your interest towards other Romeos is by giving them a Footprint, which is a sticker that expresses compliments, shows interest or initiative to meet and do other things, and more expressions. If you would also like to attach a photo to your messages, you can do so because Romeo Messenger is not only limited to sending and receiving messages but also attaching photos and even your location.

On the other hand, if you visited a certain member's profile but don't want that member to know, click Hide Visit. This allows you to erase your tracks and be invisible. Take note, however, that to hide your visit, you must be subscribed to PlanetRomeo Plus.

Special Features

These special features are designed to make your online gay dating experience at PlanetRomeo more exciting and pleasurable.

PlanetRomeo Picture Rating

Picture Rating

This special feature is where you can rate other Romeos based on their photos. You can rate a Romeo as Non-sexual, Some Skin, Softcore, Hardcore, or Illegal.


This is where different members of the PlanetRomeo community are included under categories, namely Twinks, Jocks, Gents, Muscles, Bears, Bananas, and Apples.


PlanetRomeo App
  • For men (gays, bi, trans) ages 18 and up
  • Downloadable on Android and iOS devices
  • Get the app without a charge
  • It contains explicit images
  • Your real location can be hidden
  • With user-friendly interface

Aside from the PlanetRomeo online dating site, you can also access hot Romeos via your mobile devices. PlanetRomeo has a mobile app version, which can be downloaded both from the Apple App Store and from Google Play Store. Both iOS and Android users can download this app free of charge.

However, to be able to download the PlanetRomeo mobile app, you must be 18 years old and up for the reason that this gay dating app has sexual and nudity content.

A cool thing about this app is that you have the option to hide your real location and to set your location to anywhere in the world. Aside from that, you can also search for gays near or around your area.

The PlanetRomeo mobile app version is basically flirting and dating through your fingertips.

Real Life Review

"I am a gay man who has just broken up with my boyfriend of 11 months. I decided to move to a new location as I thought this would help me move on and feel better even after having gone through a painful break-up. Another thing to try to help me heal, according to my friend, is to try meeting new people or to go online dating, at least. So instead of wallowing in self-pity, I thought of starting to have fun again by dating online.

One of the first gay dating sites that I saw was PlanetRomeo. Seems legit, so I created an account and started browsing and connecting with other hot Romeos. So far, I've been enjoying, and I already have some friends here. It's actually easy to start a connection with other Romeos because messaging is free. But to meet even more gays and to have more options, I would also like to explore other gay dating sites."

- Brand manager (37)

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
PlanetRomeo Plus
1 Month10.51 USD / Month10.51 USD
3 Months8.17 USD / Month24.51 USD
12 Months5.83 USD / Month69.96 USD
PlanetRomeo Price Table
Free Services
  • Creating a profile
  • Uploading photos
  • Browsing profiles
  • Messaging
  • Save profiles as your contact
  • Incognito mode
  • Give Footprints
Fee based Services
  • XXX content
  • Removing ads
  • See more visitors
  • Stealth mode
  • Save your filters
  • Unlimited Quickshare
  • Unlimited storage
    For pictures, profiles, and messages
Payment Options
  • Credit Card
  • Paysafecard


PlanetRomeo, which is an online gay dating platform, is where gays, bi-males, and transmen can date online while being playful, flirtatious, and friendly. Through this online gay community, members can also seriously search for a partner in love. Users of this site have three options upon joining, which are to look for sex, friends, or serious relationships. The members of PlanetRomeo are called Romeos.

In addition to that, Romeos can also easily communicate with other PlanetRomeo members because messaging is not a paid feature in this dating site. Also, they will not be distracted by annoying pop-ups while exploring the site. Another thing is that PlanetRomeo is not only limited to English speaking gays because users of the site have several language options. This brings together gays, bi-males, and transmen from all over the world. 

On the other hand, PlanetRomeo's FAQs section is not that informative because it offers limited information. Aside from that, in the event of encountering a problem, you may not easily and conveniently get help from the PlanetRomeo team because it has limited contact support.

Therefore, if you want to join a dating site that has an informative and helpful FAQs section, and if you want to get real-time solutions for urgent online dating troubles or questions, check out our Gay category.


General Information

Is it possible to search for members from other locations without changing mine?

Of course. Just click the 'Explore' icon from the top menu. Then type a location in the search box. From the list of locations that will appear, choose one, and click the 'Explore' button to start exploring.

What is PlanetRomeo Plus?

It is a paid premium subscription, which enables you to access all the features to have an enhanced online dating experience.

Is the PlanetRomeo Plus premium subscription transferable?

Since PlanetRomeo Plus is linked to only one account, it is, therefore, non-transferable.

Does PlanetRomeo have a mobile app version?

Yes, and it can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Does downloading the PlanetRomeo app require a fee?

No. Downloading it is free of charge.

Can I visit somebody's profile anonymously?

Yes, but you have to be subscribed to PlanetRomeo Plus.

I am a free user. Can I upload as many pictures as I want?

Only those who are subscribed to PlanetRomeo Plus can upload unlimited photos.

What is Gift Plus?

It is a service, where you can buy a gift (monthly subscription) for a member that interests you.


How do I stop an abusive member from further contacting me?

Just click the 'Report User' button on that member's profile.

I want to report a user, but he has already blocked me. Can I still report him?

Yes. To do this, directly contact the customer support, and report his profile name or profile number.

Can I stop a member from seeing my profile or contacting me?

Yes. Just open his profile and select the 'Save as Contact' icon from the vertical bar. Then activate 'Block User', and press the 'Save Contact' button.

I accidentally blocked a user. Can I still unblock him?

Yes. First, search for his username, and go to his profile. Then click the red 'Save as Contact' icon from the vertical bar, disable 'Block User', and select the 'Save Update' button.


Can I reset my password? If yes, how?

Yes. Just request to reset your password, and a link to reset your password will be sent via email.

It's been more than 30 minutes, but I still haven't received the email with a link to reset my password. Why is this taking too long?

In cases like this, please check your spam folder, and make sure that PlanetRomeo is not there.

Can I view my transaction history?

Yes. Just click your profile picture, select 'Edit Profile', click 'Account', then select 'Transaction History.'

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