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Tinder Review February 2019

Since it's launch in September 2012, Tinder has been very popular around the globe. Operating in more than 190 countries, it can boast some impressive stats such as 1.4 billion swipes per day globally, 26 million matches per day and over 10 billion matches made in total.

Tinder was one of the first social dating apps that changed the way we date online. It was built off a simple premise of choosing who you wished to connect with predominately on their profile picture, similar to a 'hot or not' rating. This was also one of the first apps to let you search for people based on their location, which helped it become known as the 'hook up' app as some users would use it to connect with someone very close by for an immediate meet up.

Yet, to sum it up: Tinder is a good app to find people nearby - but, in case you are looking for long term relationships, you should check Matchmakers instead.

Signing Up & Profiles

Tinder profile bearded guy
Tinder profile hottie

Getting started on Tinder is simple, but you must have a Facebook account to use the app. All you need to do is log in to your Facebook account and Tinder will draw from your profile pictures and take information from your profile such as age, sex, location, work and education history, page likes and friends list and use this to create your profile. Most of this can be edited later.

Unlike most dating sites, profiles are very basic on Tinder. There is a 500 character limit for free text to write an introduction about yourself, but many users do not complete this, or leave it with very little detail.

Matching & Making Contact

Tinder Matching
Tinder Contacting

Tinder works by reviewing profiles of other members and swiping left on the ones that you don't like, or are not interested in, and swiping right on those that you would like to get in contact with.

If you swipe left on a member that you don't like, even if they like you nothing happens. If you swipe right on a member and they don't like you, again nothing happens. But if you swipe right on somoene and they also swipe right on you, you get a match notification message.

When you've matched with a member you can chat to them immediately in a chat window that works in a similar way to txt messaging on your phone. Our top tip is to always send the first message if you get the match notification almost immediately after swiping right. This likely means that you are the last to swipe, so get the ball rolling and start the conversation.

Tinder now has new chat features that let you use funny GIFs to illustrate your conversation with other members too.

Special Features

Tinder is truly a social media app as it is based on your Facebook profile, but it can also be linked to your Instagram page as well to display even more about yourself.

If you are in to music, you can also link your Spotify account to show other members your music taste to stimulate conversation.

A relatively new feature is Tinder Social which allows you to nominate friends from your Facebook friends list that you plan to go out with that night and say where you will be partying and invite Tinder members to join in the fun, so a truly social experience.

In October 16, Tinder Boost was launched which promises up to 10 times more profile views by buying boost credits to become the top profile in your area for 30 minutes.

Tinder Picks was launched lately and is a new special feature available with Tinder Gold. Daily, you will receive 10 Top Picks for 24 hours, with profiles of other users, that you might be interested in. The Picks are presented in a grid-like menu available on the diamond icon to the top. Every recommendation is displayed via photo and possibly with a one-word-highlight, which tells you why Tinder selected that user for you. In case 10 Picks aren't enough for you, you can add more by buying packages.

Personalized Recommendation

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Costs and Prices

Duration / Credits / CoinsCosts per monthTotal
Tinder Plus under 28
For members under the age of 28
1 Month9.99 USD / Month9.99 USD
Tinder Plus over 28
For members 28 years or older
1 Month19.99 USD / Month19.99 USD
Tinder Gold
Plus Tinder Plus subscription for a total of $14.98
1 Month4.99 USD / Month4.99 USD
Free Services
  • View profiles
  • Swipe right on profiles (up to a certain number)
    Tinder makes it clear that you get a limited amount of right swipes to indicate that you like someone, but it is not readily available how many you get per day. With a paid membership it is unlimited
  • Chat with matches
Fee based Services
  • Control your profile
    Enables you to switch off showing your age and your distance to potential matches
  • Change your location
    This is a handy feature if you wish to search for matches in a destination you are soon to visit
  • Rewind your last swipe
    If you have accidentally swiped on someone you can undo your choice
  • Control who sees you
    You can choose to me shown to only certain types of people, or only people you've liked
  • Unlimited right swipes
  • Hide ads
  • Extra Super Likes
    Used to show people you liked them before they decide on you.
Payment Options
  • Via Mobile Phone

Subscriptions are charged in one upfront lump sum payment and automatically renewed at the end of the subscription period. To cancel, you must do so in your iTines acount for Apple and Google Play for Android.


Tinder is a simple and easy dating app that lets you connect with many users in a short period of time. As with most dating sites, there are stories of success from Tinder with marriages between people who met on Tinder, but the majority of user feedback is that the app is mostly for short-term relationships. Although the app has some great special features and a lot of members, most of those members seem to be free members and there are also a lot of spam or fake profiles, especially female profiles that lead to porn sites.

Our recommendation if you are looking for dating or longer term relationships is to try a dating site or Matchmaker service. If adult fun is what you are after though,Casual Dating sites might be a better option as they generally have more legitimate and genuine users who don't muck other members around. 



Is Tinder a good dating app?

Tinder is a fun and very easy to use social dating app that is very popular. The concept of being able to view profiles based on simple criteria such as age, sex and location means that you can review a large number of people in your area quickly. Profiles contain only brief information, so it doesn’t take long to decide if you wish to swipe right to like them, or swipe left to move along.

This is also the downfall of Tinder if you are seeking a longer-term relationship. The fact that you review other member’s profiles predominately by looking at their profile pic and deciding if they would be a good match is very superficial and more suited to those seeking a short-term relationship or casual dating.

Is Tinder a hook-up app?

It seems that Tinder is the first dating app that comes to mind when people hear the term ‘hook-up app’, and for very good reason. In our tests, we encountered many members that were only seeking casual encounters from the app.

Many users will be completely up front and transparent about this by saying things like “in town for tonight only and looking for some fun”. Others you may match with and their conversation style indicates what they are looking for on Tinder.

There are certainly members on Tinder seeking relationships and these members will often mention this in their profile too saying things like “not here for hook-ups”.

Our top tip here is to make sure you bring it up in conversation prior to meeting so that you are both on the same page as to what you are seeking from Tinder to avoid an awkward situation on the meet up.


Is Tinder free?

Tinder is a free app to use, but there is a quantity limit per day of free swipes. If you wish to do more swipes that day, or take advantage of premium features such as changing your location, undo or special features like Boost, you will need to upgrade to a paid membership.

Does Tinder post to Facebook?

Tinder connects to your Facebook profile to understand your background, your interests and your Facebook friends list so it can determine mutual friends with other members. It will import your profile pics from Facebook as well, but it does not post back to Facebook on your profile or newsfeed, nor appear to your Facebook friends.


Is Tinder safe?

Tinder has been around since 2012 and is very well known and we believe it to be a reputable and safe app to use.

Of course, always protect your personal information and privacy on any online dating site or app and consider your safety when organising to meet with people you’ve met online.

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